New features and optimizations:
1. Downloading more powerful: to increase faster download offline, so that you save time and traffic. Download the file, select the page before downloading prompted to download offline, can be kept to a network disk and memory to the transfer station way to download. If you want to network disk files downloaded to local storage, you can download off-line download manager page, select save to the local.
2. V3/V5/Symbian 3 view pictures on the new model in the browser and other microblogging map page, a key to activate the plug-mode browse all images for easy and smooth.You can right-click menu,main menu, shortcut keys and other entry view images.
3. Registered users login, page will see your own avatar, individuality, enjoyment exclusively to your mobile phone browser.
4. Bookmarking optimization: Improving the bookmark move, delete,synchronization and other management operations, clear and simple;bookmark support multi-level directory to help you better manage a large number of bookmarks.
5. The browser page to complete pre-reading, you can press the forward(keyboard machine according to [9] key) to open the next page, a key to enter the next page, saving even more peace of mind.
6. History function optimization: History in the new look by the time interval, showing more clearly, to find more convenient.
7. Support page up and down volume keys.

8. To solve the same position when the Wifi switch automatically within a certain time, the question prompted repeatedly to reduce the disturbing, intelligent caring.
9. Clipboard increased in the number
10.Community sharing feature optimization: at any time to it and better sharing.