VBrowser Support Plug-in and Video Downloads {ANDROID}

VBrowser for Android: Support Plug-in and Video

VBrowser is a simple browser and support video downloading from many site using the plug-in. Though it doesn't support tabs browsing but supports pinch to zoom and  Adobe Flash. VBrowser is developed by Awesome Dev and according to developer, "This is my first attempt at making a plugin based browser ,
and its super awesome , just check it out." VBrowser support for bookmarks, integrated file manager and also support pause and resume capabilities for downloading. Currently two other most popular browsers also support plug-ins, Dolphin Browser HD and Firefox Mobile.
Features VBrowser:
~Incognito browser (no history recorded)
~Plugins based system
~Integrated File Manager
~Full Featured Downloader with Pause/
Resume and parallel downloading
~Try it out , after all its completely free
What's in this version VBrowser
> New icons
> Better Compatibility with Hide It Pro app
> Bug Fixes

Currently there are two plug-ins available for browser, one is video downloader and  other is URL auto complete. Actually its a re-branded version of well  known YouTube Downloader application Better Tube which support 11 websites including YouTube, Vimeo, Blip.Tv, MetaCafe and many adult video streaming websites like XVideos, XHamster, TNAFLix, YouP**N, FourTube, P**nhub, P**notube. Due to the
plugin based nature of this app , addition of more sites is easy. Other Supported  Websites can be found inside the app.