Check who Unfriend You On Facebook(amazing app)

Your friend list count in going down in Facebook, but you don't know who was your friend who had unfriend you? Facebook doesn't allow any default to keep track for that. You have to keep an close eye on your friend list to know who had unfriend you.

We had got a script for you, which will notify you when someone unfriend you on facebook. It works will all major browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. Firefox and Google Chrome is the best choice to install it, as it will involve less pain in installing the script.

See Who Had Unfriend You On Facebook

Following is the installation for firefox

# Install Greasemonkey, Click here to go to download page. Install it and restart firefox.

# Now you will start seeing greasemonkey icon on the address bar.

# Now you are ready to install Facebook Unfriend Finder. Click Here to download the script.

# Now a greasemonkey installation pop-up will open to install the script. Click on Install and its done.Logout from Facebook and login again.

To Install in other browser find links below:

Chrome Installation | Safari Installation | Opera Installation | Internet Explorer Installation

Official Site