Great news Indian mobiles will be more cost effective(duty exemption by Finance minister in budget)

In the Latest budget of 2012-13 of India, honorable Finance minister Mr pranab mukherjee has proposed to exempt basic custom duty on mobile parts, it will be certainly a boon for Indian mobile manufactures as certainly they are being overwhelmed by foreign manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung ETC.

On the other hand, the Minister has proposed to hike the basic customs duty from 10 per cent to 12 per cent. What this means is that while the India assembled (manufactured) mobile phones and tablets will get cheaper by 10 per cent, imported handsets will get costlier.

 As we know most of the handsets in India are imported. So the prices of most devices would certainly go up by at least 1-2 per cent in the near future.

However there are several entry level or feature phones which are being assembled in India by companies like Nokia, LG and Samsung are likely to benefit from this move by the government.

This exemption from custom duty is basically targeted at growth of more and more indian based manufacturing and too boost Indian domestic Market

some other domestic companies like LAVA,i-BALL,Winycomm mobiles will also rejoice with proposed decision of Finance Minister