7 ways to overcome your android battery draining problem

Android technology is one of the exceptional operating systems of the world. With its great embedded features its quick and loaded. Billions handsets are running on this OS these days. Right from Eclair to ICS 4.0 all are great to use android versions of OS. But with certain brilliant embedded apps like google apps i.e. gmail,gtalk and some other bundled apps like facebook,twitter and other downloaded apps it becomes a rather heavy os and uses handset battery a lot.

Though Android OS is a revolutionary one but still it has shortcomings which we think Google will certainly with its innovative perception will make it more efficient in near future. Android based handsets are mostly run on either GPRS(3G)or WiFi. They are kind of internet based OS handsets. So it requires a constant use of internet on these handsets and that makes it even a more battery draining OS. Certain applications which we download from Google Play(app store) also uses the internet and battery in background. These are mostly free apps as because these are available to you for free but developers to have to adhere a cost on it and they try to recover it from inbuilt ad packages that some times becomes annoying for us while using the app or playing the game but we have to bear with it as nothing in this worlds comes for free.

Certain issues with android OS according to me are :-

1. Applications most free applications uses battery a lot as it runs in background and that drains a battery a lot

2. Some applications require a constant gprs or wifi facility to stay updated like facebook,twitter etc. again use of constant gprs will surely drains battery 40% faster then when gprs is off.

3. Sync problem every time you add Twitter,Facebook,Gmail of other social apps it tries to sync the phone book with it thus contact list become so huge even when you try to send a message you cannot differentiate whether its a phone number or an email of the contact your are selecting thus converting it to a multimedia message(Again battery is used to a great extent)

4. Location services running in background drains battery a lot as they use gps

with all these problems android still seems promising to me as it has changed the way mobile OS used to be. It gave mobile computing a new heights, with a use of gps,3g and wifi like services in a average looking handset.

To overcome these issue i have a made a checklist which you can follow to overcome these battery draining issues in your android handset:- 

1. Always turn off your location services by turning of wifi and gps in settings will make your battery's life longer than usual.

2. Turn off GPRS and WiFi when not using internet so that your battery doesn't drains out quickly as it used to be as we know the major source of battery consumption is anytime activated internet services on OS.
3. Use a good kill task app as it will kill your apps running in background so as to reduce the battery usage for example Taskman etc.

4. If you like a free version of app and game try to buy the full version of it as it will come free of annoying ads thus will reduce your battery usage to a great extent.

5. Try not to stay login onto social apps for automatic login as they will run in background to keep continuously for resumption of internet services to sync back to where you left previously. I know its a bit annoying but a good way to reduce your battery consumption

6. Try to adjust the screen brightness to a an extent it makes your phone screen optimum for your eyes don't keep the brightness to 100% as it will drain the battery much faster.(Ideal would be to keep 50%-55%).

7. Last but not the least try to fully dry out your battery and then when your phone is switched off then plugin the charger for charging as it will reduce your battery usage and increases the life of battery.

These are few of my suggestions regarding the battery draining related problems in your android based handsets. I know we all love our android devices because of their amazing capabilities and multi tasking abilities as we know every good things comes attached with certain shortcomings though we have to bear them but still it is fruitful enough to enjoy. Try my suggestion will certainly make your android experience a bit better. I will keep writing more till then you can browse my other posts and enjoy your visit on my blog

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