Apple To Close its iWORK services w.e.f 31st july 2012

It looks like another web service will be shut down in the coming months. Earlier, Microsoft announced that its Windows Mobile Marketplace will be taken offline in May, and now Apple has informed its users that the beta service will be shutting down effective July 31st, 2012. It looks like there is no place for the service anymore since Apple now has iCloud which can pretty much do the same things.

On July 31st, you will no longer be able to access your documents on the website or view them on the web, so be sure to download anything you want to keep before that. Head over to Apple’s website for more details. Now, if only Apple offered a service for helping people migrate their documents from iWork to iCloud – it owns both services after all.

I hope so that apple offers the sync services to sync both iCloud and iWork. So that users aren't required to download their files from iWork which will certainly become hectic and annoying for them.

After Apple is a synonym for standard so we might see some remedy for it sooner or later. Till then read our posts will get you updated with more on this issue