{custom rom}AOKP Milestone 6 Revision 2 For Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570 {custom rom}

AOKP is another custom rom to hit the market for custom rom lovers, it is a great rom with tremendous GUI and mind tingling features.It is abbreviated as Android Open Kang Project[which started as a mixture of name of "kang" and ASOP(Android Open Source Project)]. This project was at the beginning was started by Roman Brig Back for fun in Nov. 2011 for his nexus device, but thereafter it grew like anything and expanded to several devices till today. AOKP Boot Animation

AS per data provided by AOKP, there are more than 50,000 devices running AOKP and more than 1,10,000 devices running the unofficial AOKP (aka KANG) from the code-base.

Kudos to developer at XDA Forum namely TheWhisp this fascinating and fully loaded featured rom is now available to Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570 users.

Like Cyanogen Mod rom 9.0 this also based on ICS 4.0.4, but with exceptional features and tremendous speed and performance it makes it looks more competitive and useful. AOKP project is famous and available to you on google search, so can read more about it there. so lest get back to what it has in it for
Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570 users.

Here is small change log for the rev 2 of this rom:-

  • Added Data and 2G toggles
  • Resized AOKP Wallpapers.
  • Update Lockscreen Layout
  • Fixed Signal Indicator (now working properly).
  • Your Tube Force Closes no more (but, still lags much)
  • Enabled WebGL support in stock browser
  • Improved Video Playback
[Update] Changelog : Milestone r2
  • Fixed call issues
  • Removed Apollo and replaced with stock Music app
  • Resized AOKP wallpapers (they are beautiful :D)
  • Built with new OMX libs. 

The above are specific changes for since AOKP build 40. Before this many changes and improvements have been done by the developer. Latest AOKP Milestone 6 release for galaxy mini gt-s5570, packs many beautiful looking wallpapers for you to choose from.

The features such as navigation bar, lockscreen widgets, customizations of Status bar elements like battery icon and style, notification toggles show/hide feature, theme engine, etc. makes this rom really awesome. The unavailability of these options in CM9 builds at this moment differentiate this with CM9 putting this in the lead. However, we still have much to see from the developers at cyanogenmod team as CM9 is still evolving. I'm sure it'll be awesome once all the features of CyanogenMod 7 are made available in CM9. 

Now you knew what it is like to have this on your cellphone so now get ready for steps for flashing of this rom followed by as usual its screenshots

Steps for AOKP  Rom installation:-


     Disclaimer : Do It At Your Own Risk!
Note : Those who have Gingerbread OS and any Custom Recovery installed on their device can skip Step 1 and Step 2. Also, those who have any custom rom installed can skip both Step 1 and 2.
2. Install any custom recovery available for Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop. You may have Clock Work Mod Recovery
3.Download latest AOKP rom for galaxy mini from below.
4. Copy the downloaded file to the (root directory of) your sd-card.
5. Reboot your device to Custom Recovery (Press Home + Power Button).
6. [Optional but, Recommended] Do a Nandroid Backup of your current rom. 
Now flash this latest AOKP Milestone 6 build in clockwork mod recovery. Follow these steps :
    • Choose Install Zip From Sd Card option.
    • Select Choose Zip From SD Card option.
    • Now select aokp_tass_milestone-6-r2.zip downloaded in step 3.
    • Confirm the installation and wait till the rom is installed on you handset
    • Flash Latest Google Apps for ICS in CWM recovery.  
      • Choose Install Zip From Sd Card option.
      • Select Choose Zip From SD Card option.
      • Now select the gapps-ics-20120429-signed.zip file which you downloaded in step 3.
      • Confirm the installation and wait till the zip is installed on you handset.
8. Wait till the rom is flashed/installed on your device. Once done, Wipe Data from recovery menu.
9. Reboot your device from your recovery main menu.

Note : It is needed to do a complete data and cache wipe as told in Step 8.

UPDATE : Camera Patch to make camera working. (It's still a Work In Progress, so use it at your own risk.)
Download minicamera.zip and Night Vision Camera.apk from this,  http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=28500528&postcount=532, xda thread post by AntiBillOS (many thanks for his work). Then follow the instructions below  to get camera working on any ICS based roms :

  • Download and Copy the files minicamera.zip and Night Vision Camera.apk to the root directory of your sd-card.
  • Go to Recovery By Press Home + Power button simultaneously.
  • Select Install Zip From SDCard option.
  • Select Choose Zip from SD-Card option.
  • Select minicamera.zip file and wait till it installs required HAL and camera libs on your system.
  • Reboot your handset when done.
  • Now go to sd-card and install Night Vision Camera app as a normal app.
  • When installation is complete, run the app.

Thats it folks, now you have successfully installed the camera app on this rom, now you can start using the camera and take photos from it. Though it will lags on heavy images and moreover you will also not be able to record videos thats what developing has progressed so far.

Now You've sucessfully installed latest AOKP build on your Samsung Galaxy Mini or Pop S5570 smartphone. As reported by Roman Brig, the initiator of AOKP project, Milestone 6 is the latest build of AOKP ICS series. After this, team kang will be working on AOKP based on latest Android 4.1 Jeally Bean Operating System introduced at the Google I/O event this June. But, since this is unofficial build for galaxy mini there might be future updates from the developer with minor bug fixes and updates


AOKP Wallpaper 1
Another beautiful looking AOKP wallpaper
Another beautiful looking AOKP wallpaper

APOLLO Music Player
Wireless and Networks Settings
Quick Links and Device Settings