3 useful android apps for indian users in 2012

To my blog readers for few a days i have been thinking to share info about some of the apps that might be useful for readers belonging to India and that i use especially in my day to day work, that provide me some ease and convenience for my daily needs, like from latest news, to getting connected with my friends on social networking to chatting, emailing etc.

For that purpose i depend on my android phone to do all the work for me and to gain lot of information that i require esp. As we know that there are plenty of android apps in the Play Store and many of them are not our cup of tea and what happens is that we tend to install it get bored by it and then uninstall it. Am i right or not?

Yes for that matter i tried lot of apps on the store and some are promising only till u download and run it and some looked not that promising but still when you try them you find them really gud and handy for your android phone. So i Pinned down my 5 favorite android apps which i think might be useful for my blog readers as well so, that they dont have to download too many apps from the play store to find the right match for their needs. 


So. here are my top 3 android apps:-

WhatsApp Messenger

Well here is the first app on my list pretty handy, pretty effective,cost worthy, excellent communication app, the best way to chat with ur buddies through your android smartphone and stay connected 24 hrs( if the 3G or 2G or WiFi data connection is available) you can stay online 24 hrs you can buzz your friends anytime and the best things is that it reads your cellphone contacts and sees if the friend of urs is already on WhatsApp and if he or she is there it pops up in your WhatsApp contact list, so no trouble finding contacts no more searching and blah blah blah, your contacts are then and there.
The best thing about this app is 
1. Works on 2G connections as well
2. Even if Ur offline lets people buzz a msg to you and when you get a connection back it lets you read them all
3. Lot of smileys in the menu lets you show your expressions according to your mood to your friends or girlfriends or  boyfriends hehe.
4. You can share files,photos and videos as well through sharing option it is really nice to have such an options in this app.
5. Enjoy group conversations with your contacts. 
6. No more confusion about getting logged off from another computer or device. With push notifications WhatsApp is ALWAYS ON and ALWAYS CONNECTED. 
7. There is no hidden cost involved once you download it, it remains with you always use it as much as you want.
Now as you know my Indian reader buddies why this app is great for us well as you sms packs are shirking day by day, TRAI(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) is putting cap on sending sms, so in near future with no extra cost other than GPRS connection, you can use this app as much as you can and chat endlessly with your buddies. So, isnt it great for us.


Another app on my list is this great app, why i am calling it a great app because this app provides you the real identity of the caller, suppose somebody calls you and annoys you a lot, what will be the first question comes to the mind is who is he/she oops and you didnt know that is there anyway to get this number information yes it is the answer is this TrueCaller app, yup boys and girls this app lets you know that who is calling you from unknown numbers and lets you teach the lesson to the culprit.

Best thing about this app

1. Lets you know the real identity of the caller
2. Its a free app
3. The most accurate name and phone number lookup service with Caller ID
4. It is available in lot of countries including India(main concern of this post)
5. It gets update the numbers from Facebook and Linked-in So as to safeguard you from the spam call
Con of this App
1. It works only on a 3G or WiFi connection it will not work in your 2G plan.
2. It installs in phone memory
Now whats in it for Indians, simple esp this app is great for Indian girls/females who can now be more aware of the culprits calling from unknown numbers and curb them easily

The Times of India

well everybody knows this name in India, its the king of Indian newspapers and one of the top leading daily English newspaper of India, for the quite a few time it has been digitalised as well and is now also available in play store, so why this an useful app because out of all news apps of Indian newspapers this the best one and the most promising digitalised newspaper app for Indians, the app is really been made very readable for users it has a great UI with good mix of photos and news attached to it, it has the most easy to use structure.

Best thing about this app.

1. It has the best and easy UI compared to other news apps.
2. It has news ticker running for latest news that comes in between the day
3. It saves the news whenever the devices connected to internet and lets you read the news whenever you want to read it.
4. You can read stories or view photos in landscape as well as portrait mode.
Con of this app
1. The Times of India’s Android app is optimized for the Android platform’s 1.6, 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 versions.

Play Store Link

So try these apps my buddy readers and you will get to know that what i just said above these apps are really true and useful, do share your opinion and suggestions in comments.
Hope You liked my views on these apps and thanks for severing precious time of yours for reading my blog posts
Your lovely author