Sammy(Samsung) to see whomping number of sales in first quarter according to analysts

Sammy(Samsung) the giant smartphone manufacturer , who did pretty well in the last quarter of 2012 in terms of numbers of selling the cellphones throughout the globe.

This year in quater 1 Samsung is expected to tremendously well in terms of global market share and sales figures. According to counterpoint research they(samsung) are estimated to sell 25 millions phones each month in the first quater making the total to 70 million plus sales mark in Q1,2013.

which itself a new record for company unlikely of the current market situation as we are dealing with lower global demands.

Over two months of this year samsung market share has seen a hike right from 32% of Q1,2012 to 35% of Q1,2013 though the rival apple has also seen a hike in their sales figure as well from 17% in Q1,2012 to 21% in Q1,2013 but still lacks behind a lot.

The predicted record sales and rising market share leads analysts to believe Samsung will post an operating profit of about $7.7 billion, in line with market predictions.

It will be interesting to see how market behaves to Galaxy S3 when the Galaxy S4 Comes out.

Well Wait till the Q1 figures are out and pimp android will give you a comprehensive view on that.