samsung to put into market 10 millions galaxy s4 handsets in first month

The Galaxy S4 is now near to hit the markets as the month of april is approaching to its end. the market is full of predictions about the huge number of demand of this galaxy device.

According to a supply chain agency there will be around 10 millions units to be shipped in first instance by Samsung and will increase upto 30 millions by the second quarter of 2013

This handset is expected to launch in 50 countries by end of april.

Due to the humongous demand of this handset the number's game is sure on as unlike HTC who is been shaky about the supply of its HTC ONE handset and facing problem with its supply issues.

But Samsung thoroughly enjoys here in the position of manufacturer as most of the components are made by himself.

There is a speculation that Samsung might shifted is manufacturing process to either Vietnam or china as tension sour to begin amid north korea's threats and warnings.

But we all know is that our sammy is ready to launch this handset with optimum supply to full fill worldwide demands.