Apple may bring larger screen phones as well as colored plastic models says REUTERS

Apple might be looking to introduce the iPhone's with bigger screen esp. 4.7" or 5.7" devices and likely chance is that it might launch next year as by report of REUTERS. There is also news that cheaper iphone models may be available in different colors like the Lumia devices, WOW that would be amazing but it is still shaky news.

 Meanwhile there are no words from the Apple about the so called large screen models but according to the recent trends we cannot deny the news that Apple might not be thinking about doing it. The only reason is that this news might come true as the company is facing tough competition from 5" inch droids and these are eating the market share as well.

Apart from the much hyped iPhone 5S, it is expected that Apple might launch models with cheaper plastic on it with 5-6 different color variants, it is done to shift from traditional black and white themed handsets and there price might be as low as $99 but launch date might be pushed back to 2014

Reuters sources also indicated that test production of both iPhone 5S and cheaper plastic color models will be inline next month, So that the production can be finished till August for a speculated September launch date.

Around 18-20 millions plastic iPhone's are expected to ship in Q4 of 2013