Galaxy S3 Android 4.2 is leaked now, try for yourself

A pre-release version of the most anticipated Android 4.2.2 for Galaxy S3 is now available, The ROM is available for download now and the Galaxy S3 owners don't need to wait anymore for it they can surely try it now and experience its greatness.

This update has the new lock-screen as well as several screen modes and can let you fine tune the color and saturation levels of the devices as per your needs.

The ROM also has an update S-Voice and is now working with many apps and new set of commands as well.

The team from SAM MOBILE was able to get their hands dirty on it and created a brief stint of the updated rom video. Have a look for yourself

and if you are planning to get your hands dirty on it then CLICK on the below SOURCE link and follow the instructions carefully.Flashing will void your warranty so only proceed if you know what you are doing. Also, keep in mind that this not being a final ROM, So there might be some lags in it.