Nokia putting an end to the Symbian phones(read yourself)

Nokia seemed to be stop furnishing there Symbian smart phones only the Nokia 808 Pureview will be the last developed handset on this platform and moving forward the manufacturer has decide to promote in his handsets only the Microsoft Windows Mobile OS.

Why did Nokia did this only because they stated that Symbian devices takes a long development cycle which were not supporting their market strategy as the Symbian device take a near about 2yrs to be ready for the market but the windows phone takes a less than a year to be ready to hit the market.

They decided to stop the Symbian OS development from this summer

Also it matters in terms of the numbers as Symbian devices are sold only 5 lac in number as compared to 5.6 million Lumia devices in Q1 of 2013. So, they don't want to loose the race that's why they are sacking Symbian

The PimpAndroid Good move Nokia and RIP Symbian :(