Samsung ATIV 9 Plus UltraBooks and ATIV 9 Lite Books(tech specs and photos)

In the same london event today Samsung also announced its Ultra-books range namely ATIV Book 9 Plus and ATIV Book 9 Lite and both of them are powered with Windows 8 OS.

Both of these tech books are housed in Aluminum Uni-bodies and is Touch Functional and also the ATIV Book 9 PLUS has 3200X1800pix qHD+ resolution which is we think is phenomenal under the 13.3" inch screen

Good news is that the  ATIV 9 Book PLUS is pimped with Intel's New Haswell CPU's  both in Core i5 and i7 versions and has a battery life upto 12hrs. It has 2XUSB 3.0 Ports and weighs on 1.39Kg and is available in black color only as of now.

On the other hand ATIV 9 Lite Book has 1366X768pix resolution. In this device touch function is optional

It is pimped with a low voltage Quad-Core CPU and has one USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 port and will be available in two colors black and white.

The prices of both the Books are not revealed by Samsung as of yet.