Firefox 4 Mobile Beta Released to Android and Maemo

Mozilla recently released the first beta version of Firefox Mobile for Android devices 4 and Maemo. The browser formerly known by the name Fennec (before change) is to introduce the concept of layers that make the animation run faster, as well as scroll and zoom functions on the display screen. Firefox 4 beta mobile also supports multi-touch zoom to all devices that support it and bring the features of desktop version like Firefox Sync of bookmarks, forms, history, and tabs.

Mobile browser is a development of previous versions, Firefox 4 mobile can render CSS and JavaScript as well as the components of modern HTML5. Mozilla Firefox still has not announced when it will be four mobile beta available for Windows Mobile-based devices, but are certainly not going to develop a version of Mozilla for Windows 7 Phone because of the limitations of the OS. Other phones such as BlackBerry also gets the same reason as WP7, while Apple has been using the Firefox Home and using WebKit to sites visited in the application synchronized.

Users can download this application directly through a browser and Maemo Android device by visiting this link or / m / beta (this application is provided free of charge).