It was claimed iPad 2 Launched on April 2011, is it worth waiting for?

iPAD, Apple's first tablet is a forerunner has sprung many other tablets for the greatest market share at this time. Apple was rumored to be released iPad next 2 years with mass production and shipments from its factories in China that began in February and will be launched in April.
With optimism, the various component makers predict Apple could sell 15 million units iPad second generation in 2011. As is known, with high interest iPad does take time for the product until officially to the country. But the question is, whether enthusiasts as well as prospective buyers IPAD or tablets are generally decent hold-hold and wait for a iPad 2?

Video Chat have a big impact?

One feature that will be on next iPad is a front camera which is able to bring services to the tablet facetime. However, if the feature is really useful, how much of berfasilitas webcam laptop owners who then use it for video chat

Are you interested in other brands of tablets?

The only major competitor is Samsung's current IPAD Galaxy Tab, this is because the iPad has started earlier start than others. But next year the situation will be different with many other Android tablets from Motorola, Acer, LG, and many more. RIM also will launch the BlackBerry Playbook seed tablets. War of the tablet will be more exciting in 2011 and likely will be many that are considered by many the option is not.

How often do you travel by plane?

One of the benefits IPAD / tablet other than a laptop is its use in aircraft. With the tablet, users do not need to worry if the person in front of his chair leaned back and press the screen too. In essence, if indeed need IPAD / other tablets during the flight, it seems no need to wait for long presence of the IPAD 2.

How much you care with non-functional features?

Rumors spread that the iPad 2 has a screen resolution of similar or equivalent to the iPhone 4, coupled with the gyroscope for a better motion sensor. There is also the possibility iPad 2 will be much lighter and thinner. All this will make iPad 2 products superior, but does not provide new functionality in the new device. For those who love with technology and always expect the latest technology, things like this certainly will not be endless, buy iPad / other tablets will now be a regret for him.

So whether waiting iPad 2 is it worth you think?